NEXIA is a full-service organization and provides you with all the advantages of an in-house sourcing office at a fraction of the cost. Our experienced multi-lingual staff will give you the guidance and assistance you need to accomplish your buying from start to finish, with several specialties.

We keep Compliance & Sustainability in top of our Mind in the process of Sourcing, checking of certificates like BCI, Fairtrade, Gots, GRS, OCS, FSC and others as per product and factory. We ensure that the sustainability methods are adopted in starting from product manufacturing to delivery life cycle that the same has been applied at every step of process.

Also, we adhere all the Compliance norms at our end ensuring best of industry practice.


Nexia has the experience, the contacts and the insider's knowledge of Indian manufacturers needed to help you locate the right suppliers at the right Price:

Our Portfolio includes established and reliable suppliers of Apparels - Woven / knitted, Shoes, Leather Goods, Accessories - Scarves, Belts..., Cover Ups, textiles, Home decor, Kitchenware, Cutlery, incense. Many of these suppliers are virtually unknown to "outsiders".

We continuously source and track new and upcoming manufacturers and brands, to keep up with the latest market trends.

We determine the most suitable suppliers to satisfy your specific needs in terms of design, materials, delivery dates and costs.

To better understand our customers specific needs, we visit them regularly to do a field study of their markets

Organizing Buying Trips

Nexia Takes all the problems out of organizing your buying trips. We plan every detail so that you can concentrate and maximize your buying goals, rather than wasting time and worrying about logistics.

We arrange your appointments with trustworthy suppliers who have been carefully selected to meet your needs.

We carefully schedule appointments with the manufacturers so to make the most out the time available.

We make all your travel arrangements, providing you with a car and driver for local trips (at our own Cost) and train and Plane bookings, for longer distances within India.


After your Buying trip to India is over, our work at NEXIA goes on. We offer complete merchandising and quality assurance services, organizing and expediting the production, more specifically this will mean:

We instruct and insure all the suppliers working with you are aware of the processes of sample dispatches, down to the smallest details.

We keep a daily contact with all our suppliers, to make sure they are complying correctly with the instructions and delivery deadlines.

We update you constantly with "Work in Progress status reporting". Which enables you to keep a track of your production, delivery and shipment status. Enacting Like your Eyes and Ears.

We reply to your request within 24 Hours on working days.

Quality Assurance

When choosing to Book the Business, we have stringent Factory Evaluations based on Client requirements and manuals for all obligations stated therein.

We provide our experience Quality Technicians to check Pattern Gradings as per Final Production Specs as you usually do not see the entire sample size of the Order on all occasions.

A Pre-production Planning and Operations Layout is done, with operator interaction at every factory prior to the start of Bulk Production.

Five Stage Inspection from Fabric / Raw material till Final Inspection is carried out on all our productions based on AQL specified by our clients.

Even our Inspections services (if not for a 100% Inspection) comes included in our buying commission. Even if the manufacturer are located anywhere in India and in spite of it taking time and considerable travel expenses to effect a proper quality check, even if it is just to check on One supplier.

Field Studies

To better understand our customers specific needs, we visit them regularly. In this way we get firsthand knowledge of all the different aspects of their activities, their markets, where they operate, their end customers and their direct competitors:

These "Field Studies" enable us to:

Have a better insight of who your customers are and what they look for when they go to you.

Visit your Direct Competitors to have a comparative view and see if they have a competitive edge and what we need to do better for you.

Keep abreast with changes in the market and product lifecycle which change at an ever faster pace each year.

Understand if you have fully exploited the potential of the Indian manufacturing industry.

Improve Sourcing activities when preparing your next visit schedule. Give you an edge on the competition by finding or helping design more and better and better the products in terms of style, price and quality.

Product Development

With our thorough knowledge of all the different manufacturing cities in India and our continuous sourcing of suppliers, we are in the best position to help you produce your own products or private labels through reputable and competitive producers.

The Whole Process is simple, fast and extremely reliable.

Starting from your sketches or samples and information about your end customers, we estimate cost targets and then contact several qualified producers who swiftly create the first prototypes.

We present you with a full array of prototypes, so you can choose the most suitable manufacturer for your products.

We work very closely with your design team to follow all the stages from product development, to the start of the production and on to the final delivery, ensuring you the best results in the least amount of time.

Assistance During Buying Trips

The Professional staff of NEXIA will help you to make the most of your Buying trip to India, giving you the support and hospitality, you need to make your trip successful.

We select a personal representative for you, called a merchandiser, who will prepare your visit beforehand, accompany you during your buying trips and handle the follow up work all the way through to the final shipping.

We help you negotiate effectively with suppliers for the best prices and terms.

We can do this better for our clients because:
We are accustomed to the intricacies of the Indian way of doing business and the cultural mindset of Indian suppliers.

We know how to differentiate the approach to the Indian suppliers and how to negotiate with them, depending on their geographical origin and background.

We generally have better leverage and negotiating power as we work with many trustworthy suppliers for many different customers.

Documentation and Shipping

As Soon as the Orders are confirmed through us, we have our shipping department all geared up and work simultaneously to obtain all shipping related approvals in time to make a smooth sailing, that would mean:

Providing Proforma Invoices in time for L/c Opening and checking all details to avoid L/c amendments.

We send to you all set of Pre-shipment Documents as per L/c Terms in order to remove all hurdles to make it a hassle-free Imports for our clients.

We coordinate with the the forwarder to determine the most effecient, fastest and most cost-effective means of consolidation, shipment and delivery of each order.

We make sure that all our goods leave with all the documents needed to comply with your country's custom's regulations, to ensure quick and trouble free custom clearance.

We even check the forwarder's documents (B/L & / Awb's) before each shipment, informing you ahead of time if there are any discrepancies to reslove the problem before negotiating documents.

We forward to you the originals of all documents to you with payment procedure.

We handle even the payment procedures on your behalf, whether through the Global L/c opened in our name or through open payments.

We keep you updated with Vessel Schedules and updates to meet required ETA at destination

Checking all Details on the draft to avoid L/c Amendments