With the Labour Costs low around Asia, why should anyone still come to buy in India? There are 7 important reasons that India is a "must" when it comes to buying for those clothing, footwear, Textile and Decor Businesses:

India has centuries long, deeply rooted tradition in fashion and handicrafts. It is one of the few countries left where artisans and craftsmen take such pride in their work.

Indians have a history of being innovative and creative, generating a strong and steady flow of new ideas, concepts and designs that set the trends and fashions worldwide.

In India you will not only find imagination and creativity, but also the knowledge and know-how that makes the Indian designers and crafts person among the most skilled and versatile in the world.

Indian manufacturers have developed an extremely flexible production system, where low quantities and competitive prices are not a contradiction.

Quality Versus Price:
The care that goes into Indian products of all types, leads to quality that is almost incomparable. When you know which manufacturer to turn to, understanding quality comes at a Price.

Delivery Lead Times:
To make a combination of low quantities, high quality and competitive prices even more attractive, the delivery lead time of Indian manufacturers is considerably shorter than anywhere else in the world. this allows you to make up-to the minute changes in production, lowering your risks as you stay on Top of the market changes.

Product Development and Improvement:
The design talent and know-how of Indian manufacturers is available to help you improve and modify your products instead of merely reproducing them, as manufacturers in other parts of the world would do.

At NEXIA, we have the intimate knowledge and the experience to help you make the most of the creativity, flexibility and quality of the best Indian Manufacturers.

As our Client, you too will find that working with NEXIA is less expensive than buying directly from the manufacturers.

Buying Directly from a Supplier:
1000 Units of a Shirt x Price US $ 10.00
Total Cost To you - US $ 10,000

Buying from Suppliers through NEXIA:
1000 Shirts x Negotiated Price US $ 8.00
Total Cost To You - US $ 8,000.00

Your Savings will be US $ 2,000 on your FOB import costs.

In addition, you will also get the complete array of services which will give you other practical and economic advantages.

ADDITIONAL Savings: We can Handle all the payment procedures on your behalf. this will represent a substantial additional savings for you, both in terms of time, filling in complicated paper work and reduction in bank expenses. You will be able to open a global L/c through us, that covers all your orders booked with all the Indian suppliers, rather than opening separate L/cs for each supplier. Though for the payments we always request you to pay directly to the suppliers negotiating Banks and as per their Invoice to keep a clear open policy and respect the Banking Rules of this country.

There are two simple ways you can try our services. Chose the one best that meets your current needs:

Get us to send samples or presentations of a few styles or a specific product as per your interests. After you provide us with the basic information, we will quickly send you the requested samples and quotations.

Are you planning to come, but are unsure of how to begin the sourcing process here or whether your schedule will really make the most of the time available?

This will give you a first impression of our sources and the quality of our services. We charge nothing for this service, except reimbursement of the out-of-pocket expenses for the sampled and shipment charges, which will be deducted by the manufacturers if an order follows.

Contact Us, We will organize your visit to ensure that it meets and hopefully goes beyond, the original goals.

No, At NEXIA we work exclusively in the interests of our clients, who buy from a vast group of Suppliers we select according to the Individual Needs of the clients. Though the manufacturer can employ us an agent only for services like courier consolidations, raw material sourcing, design inputs, pattern assistance etc. if they may desire though without compulsion.

Our commission charges vary depending upon below mentioned points and on the FOB Value of each order:

a. The size of the Orders or of the Total Budget available

b. On the nature of the work

c. Type of Inspections are required from our end

No, three simple reasons make it impossible for us to print our own catalogues, (we do provide ditigal presentations) or keep goods in-house (though we display products in our showrooms)

a. We literally work with hundreds of different suppliers and more are added all the time covering all the different merchandise fields we source.

b. Each Supplier makes frequent changes, adding new products, styles, prints or ideas.

c. We source or have products made to satisfy each customers different and specific needs.

No, you will buy the goods from the supplier who will invoice you directly. However, we will take care of all the other hassles of your import by providing to you our services and make sure that we act as your own office in India, assuring the quality and timely deliveries of your merchandise.

You only pay if you decide not to make the order. Otherwise the cost of the sample will be deducted from the first order that follows.

We Source a Variety of Products for our Clintele at Competitive Price & High Quality!

Let's Work Together!