Documentation and Shipping

As Soon as the Orders are confirmed through us, we have our shipping department all geared up and work simultaneously to obtain all shipping related approvals in time to make a smooth sailing, That would mean:

  • Providing Proforma Invoices in time for L/c Opening and checking all details to avoid L/c amendments.
  • We send to you all set of Pre-shipment Documents as per L/c Terms in order to remove all hurdles to make it a hassle free Imports for our clients.
  • We coordinate with the the forwarder to determine the most effecient, fastest and most cost effective means of consolidation, shipment and delivery of each order.
  • We make sure that all our goods leave with all the documents needed to comply with your country's custom's regulations, to ensure quick and trouble free custome clearance.
  • We even check the forwarder's documents (B/L & / Awb's) before each shipment, informing you ahead of time if there are any discrepancies in order to reslove the problem before negotiating documents.
  • We forward to you the originals of all documents to you with payment procedure.
  • We handle even the payment procedures on your behalf, whether through the Global L/c opened in our name or through open payments (For the advantages, Please go to How we save for you?)
  • We keep you updated with Vessel Schedules and updates to meet required ETA at destination
  • Checking all Details on the draft to avoid L/c Amendments