Merchandising and Quality Assurance

After your Buying trip to India is over, our work at NEXIA goes on. We offer complete merchandising and quality assurance services, organizing and expediting the production, more specifically this will mean:

  • We instruct and insure all the suppliers working with you are aware of the processess of sample dispatches, down to the smallest details.
  • We keep a daily contact with all our suppliers, to make sure they are complying correctly with the instructions and delivery deadlines.
  • We update you constantly with "Work in Progress status reporting". Which enables you to keep a track of your production, delivery and shipment stauts. Enacting Like your Eyes and Ears.
  • We reply to your request within 24 Hours on working days.
  • When chosing to Book the Business we have stringent Factory Evaluations based on Client requirements and manuals for all obligations stated therein.
  • We provide our experience Quality Technicians to check Pattern Gradings as per Final Production Specs as you usually do not see the entire sample size of the Order on all occassions.
  • A Pre production Planning and Operations Layout is done, with operator interaction at every factory prior to the start of Bulk Production.
  • Five Stage Inspection from Fabric / Raw material till Final Inspection is carried out on all our productions based on AQL specified by our clients.
  • Even our Inspections services (if not for a 100% Inspection) comes included in our buying commission. Even if the manufacturer are located anywhere in India and inspite of it taking time and considerable travel expenses to effect a proper quality check, even if it is just to check on One supplier.