Assistance During Buying Trips

The Professional staff of NEXIA will help you to make the most of your Buying trip to India, giving you the support and hospitality you need to make your trip successful.

  • We select a personal representative for you, called a merchandiser, who will prepare your visit beforehand, accompany you during your buying trips and handle the follow up work all the way through to the final shipping.
  • We help you negotiate effectively with suppliers for the best prices and terms.
    • We are able to this better for our clients because:
      • We are accustomed to the intricacies of the Indian way of doing business and the cultural mindset of Indian suppliers.
      • We know how to differentiate the approach to the Indian suppliers and how to negotiate with them, depending on their geographical origin and background.
      • We generally have better leverage and negotiating power as we work with many trustworthy suppliers for many different customers
    • (For other Information go to How we Save for you ?)